Who Are We


            When one thinks of blind and partially sighted people using mobile devices, it is commonplace to think about Voice Over, Apple or iPhones. This is an unfortunate occurrence as a result of the large organizations who claim to be there to enhance the lives of the blind and partially sighted demographic. Speaking generally, this demographic does not have a large employment rate (worse in some locations than in others), which renders this demographic to be lower income than the abled bodied demographics. Again, this has unfortunately provided a financial impact, which in some cases may be a detriment to acquiring an accessible mobile device. Or Is It?

            As a result of the above, as well as each member of the team being Google Junkies / Android enthusiasts, The Blind Android Users Podcast began. We have been providing the blind and partially sighted consumers a weekly podcast placing focus on the accessibility of the Android platform, having discussions with developers of applications dedicated to the blind and partially sighted community, even having heartfelt discussions with the developers within Google about the platform and accessibility. We feel that we are necessary to demystify the myths floating around from these large organizations that Android is inaccessible. We feel it is our calling to provide the facts, experiences and options to accessibility features for your Android device of choice, your screen reader of choice, your applications of choice.

What Do We Do


            As of November 12, 2022, the BAU team has published 101 episodes of our podcast. We have discussed everything from how to use your android device, Talkback, Commentary Screen Reader, voice recorders, Smart Watches, Smart Watch applications, Health apps, and an amazing episode with the CEO of Sunu INC, Envision, and so many more. We frequently publish episodes, generally on a weekly basis. Our recording schedule places us to record Saturday mornings, with publishing on all platforms occurring on Sunday.


            We believe that our media content should be accessible in a multitude of locations. Therefore, we ensure to publish all of our content on our Youtube channel. Not only will you find our episodes, you will also find a multitude of other content types ranging from how to guides in audio only form, to unboxing experiences. This is our platform for every form of audio content we can create.


            Much like every organization, corporation, or podcast team, we use our twitter feed for self-promotion as well as promotion of partners. Thats right, we partner with and promote a number of other organizations, app developers, social media groups and websites with the dedication to enhancing the lives of the blind and partially sighted.

Our Website

            This is our most important asset. Recently, we have undergone some serious updates and upgrades. This was done so that we can continue our mission to be accessible to all and provide all the best Android Accessibility content.

            In order for us to provide the best content we can, we have opted to introduce a contributor area. This allows all of those who register to produce content to be published on our homepage. As we continue to grow and advance, we hope to be able to introduce more features for members to participate in; however, we are not at this point as of yet.

            We also promote our sponsors and partners in the page titled Partners, as we feel this is one of the best ways to bring traffic to your podcast, website or application. We are hopeful that in the future we will be able to place sponsors on our homepage front and center as a sponsored advertisement or similar.