Blind Android Users Podcast episode 100, The Centurion celebration
Blind Android Users PodcastNovember 07, 2022
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Blind Android Users Podcast episode 100, The Centurion celebration

Episode 100: The “Centurion Celebration.”

Welcome to Episode100 of the Blind Android Users.

In this episode, we are joined by our listeners as we celebrate our 100th episode of which we are so thankful for

We want to thank our listeners for listening to us every week on different platforms.

We want to thank all who have donated to us both big and small amounts these donations help cover the website related costs.

We want to thank our web developers Dug and Hamza for giving us a website

We want to thank the entire BAU podcast crew for giving their time every week.

We thank all the guests that have come for a chat when ever we call them and all the podcasters who have called us on their podcast.

We want to thank all the subscribers of our mailing list, telegram group, Youtube channel  and twitter followers.

What subject matters are discussed in this episode?

· We open up with introduction,

· We talked about the Assistant Move, the Pixel7 camera found on the Pixel7,

· A possible name for the upcoming Android 14 and a long discussion on TTS Engines,

· Since Windows and Android are sort of married to each other, we discussed that as well as CSR (AKA Commentary Screen Reader),

· And we concluded with “Speakers as found on our mobile phones and beyond.”

Staying in touch.

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