Blind Android Users Podcast Episode 111, Digital Well being
Blind Android Users PodcastJanuary 23, 2023
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Blind Android Users Podcast Episode 111, Digital Well being


We return to the System Settings


In this episode, we don’t necessarily have announcements pertaining to our website or anything of the sort; instead, we highlighted some happenings with both T-Mobile and Twitter.

T-Mobilewas breached again and customers’ info became available.

Twitter restricts access to its API, meaning third-party clients can’t access the service.

Warren appeared on the “Android Insight,” a monthly Android discussion service of the “iBugToday” while Fi was a guest on a UK “Radio Connect” show where she talked about Android.

ANDROID BASIC: Digital Well-being

In this episode, we return to the “System Settings” and dived into the “Digital Well-being” with all of its tools.

Talkback Highlights

John Dyer brings us another instalment from the “Talkback Highlights” series.


We now have a segment called “Listeners Questions” or “Your questions,” where the podcast crew gives answers to those questions.

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