Blind Android Users Podcast Episode93, App Bonanza
Blind Android Users PodcastSeptember 18, 2022
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Blind Android Users Podcast Episode93, App Bonanza

Welcome to Episode 93: (APP BONANZA)

Episode 93 restarts our quarterly “App Bonanza” and in this episode, we bring you three apps—"WION News - World News Live,”

Smart Audio Book Player

and “Yuka - Food & cosmetic scan.”


· We are thrilled to announced that our email problem is fixed and we do have a winner of our give away of the Pixel-A buds.

· kamaal akhtar from India is that lucky winner.

· If you live in the New York City area and have some speech impairment, Google is inviting you to participate in research involving a prototype of the Google Assistant. This is an in-person appearance, meaning, you would have to go to the Google Office in New York City to do the 60-minute study. Below is the info with the available dates and the URL to the form to fill out for participation in the study.

· User Type: Users with Speech Impairments

· Product: Google Assistant

· Length of Study: 60 minutes

· Date(s): Tuesday, Sept 27th - Thursday, Sept 29th

· Details:

· User must be located and able to attend an in-person study at our New York City office.

· User will test a Google Assistant prototype.

· Thank-You Gift: $125 USD

· Location: New York City , New York

· Link for participating: Google Speech eligibility form.


Austin Demos "WION News - World News Live,” app

wion news website


Wion on YouTube

wion news on twitter

John demos “Smart Audio Book Player

and Warren demos “Yuka - Food & cosmetic scan.”

Tip of the week,

John brings us a tip of the week in which Samsung users can change their side key from Bixby to google assistant.

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