Episode94: Safety, &Emergency, SOS, Medical Info and more.
Blind Android Users PodcastSeptember 26, 2022
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Episode94: Safety, &Emergency, SOS, Medical Info and more.

Welcome to Episode 94: (Safety& Emergency, SOS, Medical info etc.)

In this episode, we dive into the above title--Episode94_ Safety & Emergency, SOS, Medical info etc., where we talked about the importance of this area.

Most often, a lot of us don’t utilize this section of our phone, but as our discussion went along, we realized this is a very important region.

We recommend that you go into this area and customize it to your liking in accordance with the services available in your area.


In the announcement section, we remind you of our upcoming Centurion (100th) anniversary celebration of the Blind Android Users podcast.

We will keep you updated as to when that is as the time approaches.

We are 6 episodes away from that celebration of which, we would like you all to join us in celebrating this achievement.


In the “Android Basics” segment, we discuss the above entry in the System Settings--Episode94_ Safety & Emergency, SOS, Medical info etc.”

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