The "Made by Google" (Pixel7 and the Pixel Watch) and guest appearance of the "Tech-Freedom" team
Blind Android Users PodcastOctober 11, 2022
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The "Made by Google" (Pixel7 and the Pixel Watch) and guest appearance of the "Tech-Freedom" team

Episode 96: Tech Freedom and Made by Google

This week, we discuss the app Tech Freedom and talk about the Made by Google event.


· Our 100th episode will be on 5 November, please join us live. We’ll tell you how nearer the time.

· Our friends at Mystic Access are planning an audio tutorial covering the BlindShell Classic 2. Pre-order it at the above link if you’re interested because they won’t record it if no-one’s bothered.


It’s a Spotlight double bill this week.

First, we hear from the developers of Tech Freedom, an app for the blind with OCR and a whole bunch of other useful features. The app is free, but you can donate to the project via their PayPal emailaddress.

We then discuss the Made by Google event, where we talk about the latest Pixel phones and watches.


Mariam brings us the next episode demonstrating the Commentary Screen Reader.

Android Journey

Finally for this week, Milosz Nowicki brings us his Android Journey.

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